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Afro-European Roundup 2018 Flyer


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about us


Fantastic news for Afro-European e.V.:

Afro-European e.V. is winner of the
'ADLER Entrepreneurship Awards'
in the category NGOs!

Thanks to all our supporters worldwide!

Afro-European e.V. - One World One Future!



Friends from Africa and Europe are coming together to work in ONE society on several projects.

A) intercultural project 'TOGETHER FOR A CHANGE'

The purpose of this project is to promote a better cooperation among African and European Non Profit Organisations (NGO/NPO). To achieve this, we organize our annual 'Afro-European Roundup' where interested NGO's get the opportunity to introduce themselves and to make new contacts. It is important that NPO's know each other, exchange experiences and coordinate their projects to achieve their charitable aims more economical, more effectively and much faster.

For more info click here.

Together we achieve more - One World One Future!

B)  humanitarian project 'PEOPLE CARE FOR PEOPLE'

In the last century the human being reached unbelievable things. We are able to fly the moon, to explore external planets, to fly in breathtaking speed around the world, to send data in few seconds from one end to the other end of the globe and the medical science made such a big progress that nowadays we are even able to destroy brain tumours with only one radiation without the need of an operation.

But in spite of these immens progress the humankind is still not able to ensure that every human can fulfill his existential basic needs. Instead of this the situation for poor people is getting even more worse caused by the follow-ups of the global economic crisis. Experts are assuming that the number of starving people will highly increase. Currently every 6th human all around the world is suffering hunger.

Are these problems really not solvable?

At least humans with health constrictions like amblyopia or walking disability could be aided in a comparatively easy and effective way. But many people in poor countries can't afford glasses or wheelchairs. In some african countries for example you have to pay your incomings of over 6 months for just one pair of glasses. Above all the purchase gets more difficult because of the big distance (up to 100 kilometres) to the next doctor or oculist. Statistically in Africa there is 1 oculist for 1 million people.

Therefore there is a big need for our help. You can help too!

For more info click here.


The idea behind this project is to help assist the youths in Isolo, Ago, Festac Town, Mushin of Lagos State who are less privileged but are willing to take computer application courses like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Open office at an affordable cost. Students who cannot pay at all, will be given the chance to pay when they have found a job without accumulation of interest charges. They will also learn about Computer Basic courses, Computer Application systems, Hardware, Software, general IT-Infrastructures and IT-Security. The duration of courses is between 4 to 26 weeks.

The training will depend on individual learning capacity after a thorough IT-Test of individual knowhow, interest and how it can be improved for African working environment, so youths will be systematically trained to be useful, have life value in the society and get them out of the street which will keep them out of trouble.

We will appreciate donation of any useful functional Computers or Macintosh from Pentium 4 or equivalent possible Notebooks due to space, 15 – 19 inch monitors, Beamers for multi media presentation and training.

For more info click here.

D) project 'creating educational movies'

1.) Filmprojekt: „SUPERHEROES“ (Drehbuch/Regie: Volker Petters)
2.) Filmprojekt: „DAS VERRATENE GEHEIMNIS“ (Drehbuch/Regie/Produktion: Shahla Potschka)

For more info click here.

Our headoffice is located in Munich / GERMANY. But we are cooperating with friends all over the world.

Everyone is cordially welcome to join us!

-- No human being is illegal! --

our slogan

One World One Future
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